A piece of me…

Good Morning. I feel like when I write here, I have to address the posts to you, as if it was a letter. I’m not sure who, if anyone reads these posts, but I like to think that someone reads them and is maybe touched by this blog. Today I’m working on memory bags, to donate to our local crisis pregnancy center. We’ve been making some changes at Hannah’s Tears. Some were a bit emotional to make, some were easy, and some were really hard. 1458936_10152108189930645_2044863678_nWe’ve decided to no longer donate boxes, simply because of cost. I loved decorating the boxes, and will continue to do personalized boxes for sale through the Facebook page as a fundraiser, but the time and cost that goes into a filled, decorated box was just to great for our program to handle, especially in the amount needed by the ever growing crisis pregnancy center. We now provide comfort items for Life Choices 3 area clinics. The last drop off we took, they went through 10 boxes in less than a month. Each box that we took had about $15-20 in it. We are working to make our donations more sustainable, working to be better stewards of the money that we have available, whether through donations or from ourselves. To this end, we have changed from a box to a bag and limited the number of items that go inside of it. This took the cost of each donation from roughly $20 to around $8. Each bag will have a stuffed animal, hat & blanket, tissues, packet of seeds, pen & notepad, candle, a couple trinkets, a hand written note, list of comforting scriptures and resource list, all depending on what our resources allow. Some of these items I can make myself, some of them have to be purchased and any of them can be donated.


Right now, I am handwriting each note that goes into the bags. I feel that a handwritten note is so important. I will never see these families, may never meet them. This is my only chance to reach them from my mama’s heart. Taking the time to hand write 25 notes of sympathy to families I don’t know is emotionally tolling. I pray for the families as I put the bags together, as I write the notes, but I don’t know them. I don’t know what state they will be in when they receive this bag. Is this their first loss? Do they have other children? Have they just been told they’ll never give birth to a child? Do they have a support system? None of these make the situation easier, but can make it harder. I feel in that moment a personal touch means that much more, however, making these more personal, makes it more personal to me.


Each time I put together a set of donations, I pour myself into them. I try to make it as special as I’m able to. Each baby, no matter how small, no matter how long they were here, deserves to be remembered and cherished. Sometimes I’m not able to include everything I’d like to in a bag, but that family will get something. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my volunteers and those who donate to our program. No, we aren’t 501c3, we aren’t technically a “charity”. But that’s mostly because of the money that would go into getting that status. I would much rather use that money to put something into the hands of a grieving family. Each of you could choose somewhere else to donate your time and money and I am honored and so very thankful that you choose us. Whether you crochet/knit/sew hats, blankets or other comfort items, whether you buy tissues, magnets, or candles, or if you donate money, you are a very important part of our program! We couldn’t do what we do, without you.

We have set up an Amazon wishlist, if by chance you would like to donate, but would rather choose what you donate. You can find our list at the Hannah’s Tears Memory Boxes Amazon Wishlist page.

I am going to try to be more diligent about post here and on the Hannah’s Tears Facebook page, about the process of our donating as well as just regular posts. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.