Ruah Touch Ministries

In the months after Tzeitel went to Heaven, one of the things that blessed us, so much was our Hope Basket from Ruah Touch Ministries ( This ministry is so much more than their Hope Baskets, but more on that later. I had heard about them through a few of my miscarriage support groups on Facebook, and so I decided to check them out.

When you reach their website, you can read more about the different things they offer, and you can request one of their beautiful baskets. They prefer that the baskets are requested by a family friend or family member, and is hand delivered to the couple (or mama) who’s had the loss, but we (and others we’ve known), requested one for ourselves. They also ask that you pay shipping, as their baskets usually contain close to $150 worth of items, and so that donation of shipping really helps. They have you fill out a request form, and while you wait for your basket, they pray over you, and your family, and allow God to help them choose what to put in your specific basket that would be a blessing to you. I’ve seen several different baskets, and while they have a few of the same items in it, they are very personalized.

ImageOurs was all wrapped up in a beautiful, reusable box (I use it now to keep special things related to my baby loss journey, but not in memory of Tzeitel, like my letters and cards from Secret Sisters and such) and contained a journal, a gift card to Chili’s, matching mugs for each of us, hot chocolate, tea, biscotti, a candle, a shadow box with scripture in it, handwritten, personal notes to each of us,


an edited photo with scripture, in a frame and


a tear jar.

I have talked with them several times since receiving our basket, and they’ve remembered me each time. They said that they continue to pray over the families after they’ve received their baskets, that healing would come into their homes and lives. Such a comfort!

They also have free weekend retreats for people who’ve experienced a miscarriage or stillbirth, called Ruah Waters (–a-free-weekend-retreat.html).

You can also find them on Facebook.


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