The Smallest Gift

When you loose a baby, all you want to do is hold and hug that child, among other things. Since I lost Tzeitel so early, around 8 weeks, she never really had anything bought specifically for her, never had a shower. I didn’t have any of these things that I could hang on to when I was missing her. Through online support groups, I heard about “The Smallest Gift”.


From the “The Smallest Gift” website:

 “We are a 501c3 nonprofit. Through the loss of our own infants we will reach out to other families and provide a blanket and weighted heart. We will also supply local hospitals with comfort gifts that can be given to families after a loss. We will provide education to the community and healthcare professionals on infant loss. We will be the voice for the subject that no one wants to talk about.”

 “One out of every four pregnancies will end in a loss. No one thinks it will happen to them, but our families lost this innocence when our babies Abigail and Aaron Thawley and McKinley Gill were taken too soon. All three were very much loved and wanted, but God had other plans for them. Infant loss carries with it a very taboo stigma and isn’t talked about. Being a baby loss parent can be a lonely place and the fear that your child will be forgotten is very real. We hope that by reaching out to other families we can help them to know that they are not alone and there is support. We also hope to provide education to both the community and the medical profession to increase the awareness of infant loss. We will not be able to watch our children grow or hit their milestones, but they did exist. Our love for them will provide us the strength to do something good in their memory.”


I am so thankful for this sweet little blankie that they sent me! I had received another blankie that’s in Tzeitel’s memory box, that’s her first blankie (I’ll share about that one later), but it’s very small (as she was), and so it’s not really cuddling size. This one from The Smallest Gift is about baby blanket size. Just big enough to cuddle with when I’m missing my girl. I love the saying that is embroidered on it as well. “Sometimes love lasts a moment, sometimes love lasts a lifetime, sometimes a moment is a lifetime.”

You can find The Smallest Gift on their website, or on Facebook.

Their comfort items are available for free, however, at this time they are only able to fulfill requests for losses within the last year and to people within the US. They also take donations, and are looking for volunteers, through their website.


3 thoughts on “The Smallest Gift

  1. Thank you for sharing the smallest gift website. I am thinking about you and Tzeitel. I wish none of us had to live in a world without our child/children. Sending you hope and hugs.

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